Seileri Web Mobile UX Design

The Seiler Quarter is a new residential development in a prime location in central Pärnu. Situated on the riverbank at Rääma 7, the fully integrated quarter will feature 10 contemporary apartment blocks, offering something for everyone – from family homes with all the mod cons to luxurious apartments for those spending their summers in the city.

Project Goals

UI design/illustration with luxurious atmosphere to attract high end customers
Simple user experience for desktop and mobile users
Apartment, floor and location plans matching UI design
Seileri Web UX UI Design
Seileri Web UI Design
Seileri Web Pricelist UI Design

Some Mobile Views of the Project

Seileri Mobile Design
Seileri Web Mobile UX UI Design
Seileri Web Mobile UX Design
Seileri Web Mobile UI Design
Seileri Web Mobile Design

Design System views

Atoms - Moleculs - Organisms - Pages
Seileri Design System


Riho seems to have it all – creative hand, good taste, touch for detail, responsibility about deadlines, good technical skillset. Too good to be true? In my experience, pretty real.

Mirjam Mikkin

Mirjam Mikkin

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Job Description
Responsive Web UI/UX, Plans & Interior PDFs designs

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