Nord Varaliising

Nord Varalising UX UI Design

Nord Varaliising is Estonia's largest company that brings together asset-based financing solutions for business customers. Company has been operating since 2007, cooperating with commercial banks operating in Estonia.

Project Goals

UI design/illustration with luxurious atmosphere to attract high end customers
Simple user experience for desktop and mobile users
Apartment, floor and location plans matching UI design
Nord Varaliising Web UX UI Design
Nord Varaliising Web UI Design
Nord Varaliising Production UX UI Design
Nord Varaliising Transport UX UI Design

Some Mobile Views of the Project

Nord Varalising Mobile UX Design@2x
Nord Varalising Mobile UX UI Design@2x
Nord Varalising Mobile Design@2x
Nord Varalising Mobile UI Design@2x
Nord Varalising Mobile@2x

Design System views

Atoms - Moleculs - Organisms - Pages
Nord Varaliising Design System

Project Info

Nord Varaliising

Job Description
Responsive Web UI/UX design

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